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Hotel of Henan economy chain leaves the times that encircle the ground

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Yesterday, 2008 China economy hotel can develop a seminar to ring down the curtain in Chengdu continuously. Situation of trade of clairvoyant economy hotel, announce industry development forward position is dynamic, discuss development venture and good luck, promotion can develop ability to become conference delibrate heat continuously.

From the whole nation industry of person of the same trade grows big environment for, do I save economy hotel whole to develop momentum how? Appeared again this year what new characteristic and trend? What problem still is worth to pay close attention to and be discussed among them? The reporter undertook investigating interviewing to this.

Outspread speed puts delay apparently

"Apparent last year ' overheat ' , and tend this year reason. " speak of me saving economy hotel to develop a case, prospective appropriate resided general manager Gu Mingjiang say a such words.

As we have learned, last year is me a year when high speed of province economy hotel grows. If the ab extra brand such as the star of the home, bright and beautiful river is rapid outspread, the city in native land brand is room of fitting of quick, future, good wait to also be behaved like the home not common, outspread momentum is very powerful.

Arrived this year, because suffer snow calamity, earthquake and CPI to rise, influence of element of the demote below index of boom of stock market fall after a rise, estate, I save the development of economy hotel, outspread speed to put delay apparently. According to not complete count, if domestic public house is interlinked,in me the province adds new store in all this year 4, outspread speed under last year the corresponding period; The star of bright and beautiful river also was added only this year flower assist road a new store; And enter those who be stationed in Zhengzhou newly this year Chinese front courtyard is quick hotel, divide after will opening the first store July, 1 when culture road also is located in only before the end of the year new store opens business shortly.

Regard mainland as economy hotel get army brand, in quick hotel was in the city last year provincial opened 10 Yu Jiaxin store, and prepared to construct only this year 5; Prospective fitting room also has two new store to open business this year; Good if the home prepared to construct a new store...

Besides, although Zhengzhou still has a few economy hotel to open business in succession, but come round to see won't big to market structure generation effect from eye. "In the city is room of fitting of quick, future, good if the home still is of brand of native land economy hotel,get the person that run. " Gu Mingjiang says.

Start shooting of competition of 2 class city

As we have learned, this year although economy hotel is outspread pace is unhappy, but the trend that develops to 2 class city is very clear. If the home is current,already offerred chain public house in succession in this world of river of Luoyang, Luo, Pu; In the city is quick this year new-blown interlinks a hotel 5 times in, among them Zhengzhou occupies 3, the others distributings twice in this world of new rural area, letter; Good if the home already was in at present anxious make, extend of new close and other places branch; Prospective fitting room is being ascended at present prepare to construct new store... other trademark hotel also has to provincial the plan of dilate of 2 class city.
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