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Admire Beijing of red autumnal leaves to swim hot economy hotel is nervous

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"11 " after the golden week, fuzhou Beijing swims to did not appear however of in former years off-season. This year " admire sweet hill red autumnal leaves, taste Olympic Games elegant demeanour " the first selection that makes a lot of citizen go on a tour, fuzhou is not at present little travel agent group of 24 days is full already this month, sign up now should when lunar base ability goes out row. The personage inside travel agent course of study reminds, encounter this year " warm autumn " , maple leaf is in the middle ten days of a month just will begin subsidise in November, the citizen need not be worn urgently in peak period a travel.

"Beijing swims now lack a car, lack a room, be short of a tourist guide, we had not received the 26 groups a few days ago, be afraid of too crowded cause complain. " chief Sun Wenzhen says related Fuzhou international travel agent, after section of in former years " diving " , about 500 yuan Beijing swims circuit, the price is strong this year, quote at present and during National Day about the same, all control in 2700 yuan. The reporter also understands from the travel agent such as Kang Hui, the Beijing You Huo this year October gets unexpected, weekly group explodes full.

As we have learned, this circuitry besides view and admire Olympic Games place, experience the element such as Olympic Games aftertaste besides, autumnal scenery of Beijing's beautiful in October leaf of sweet Shan Feng, also become nonlocal tourist to heat up one of reasons that hold in both hands. According to carrying Cheng journey network relevant data shows, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, this year after National Day, head for Beijing go vacationing the product booked a quantity to grow 45 to become. Because Beijing will be exhibited in October more, add the tourist that goes to Beijing to soar, current, place is mixed related the Olympic Games a few exhibit source of room of the economy near the meeting hotel more nervous, some had been booked full; But the room source of hotel of class of a few fast stars is relatively adequate still.

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