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Be fond of the hotel that amount to house the whole line of 9 old brands enters

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It is reported, be fond of at present will ascend the happy event that reachs its place to belong to to amount to house hotel and go vacationing group of hotel of village international group is implementing the strategy with an old by a definite date, exert oneself strengthens the business with this subordinate brand to combine, its content includes denounce endowment 1.3 billion dollar is used at hotel face-lifting, 400 million dollar to be used at major brand to popularize an activity, invest 20 much dollars to open brand-new hotel, to 2009, this group will add 54 hotels newly in the whole world, 20000 guest room. And predicting future inside two years, be fond of the group that amount to house to there is 3 to go to 4 at least in Guangzhou city brand-new hotel general practice.

W hotel predicts 2010 practice

According to be fond of area of the China that amount to house advanced battalion carries vice-president money enters the introduction, be in Guangzhou, be fond of division of the group that amount to house to issue tall commodity card the hotel already was in Weisiting practice of north of the Milky way, future inside two years, be fond of the group that amount to house to there still is 3 to go to 4 at least in Guangzhou city brand-new hotel be about to practice, include brand of the most top class hotel among them -- W hotel, predict to will be in 2010 practice. The Fu Pengxi that still has Dong Pu additionally will ascend hotel, happy event to ascend a flower to go vacationing hotel and happy event of sea of another name for Guangdong Province will ascend a hotel to wait, will be in practice of bright the year after next. And wait in Fosan, Zhongshan, Dongguan bead trigonometry area, be fond of 2-3 of the future that amount to house inside year also will open hotel of class of 34 5 stars newly at least.

The whole line of 9 old brands enters China

As we have learned, this year in year when happy event will ascend its fell formally already in Chinese autograph the 100th hotel, predicting future inside 9 years, its will achieve many 160 in the amount of Chinese hotel, among them new-blown hotel amount will amount to 57. Occupy Qian Jin to divulge, the business that is fond of the group that amount to house is patulous besides continueing to enclothe the city of business affairs of a gleam of such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, return more to pay close attention to city of 23 lines business affairs, or the development of area center city. According to the plan, to 2010, hotel of auspicious of the luck below happy Da Wuhui, luxurious concentration, W, Weisiting, Ai Mei, happy event will ascend, blessing friend hotel and elegant Le Xuan, Element this 9 old brands march all fronts China, the promotion of brand of dedicated and luxurious hotel.

The data that provides according to be fond of the group that amount to house shows, although home encounters snow calamity, disturbance and earthquake early or late since this year, and macroeconomic situation is not hopeful, the outstanding achievement target that 90 % above achieved the hotel that Dan Xida is in China below house banner to anticipate, wool interest rate achieved 50 % on average also to control.
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