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JUMEIRAH announces 19 hotels are in build

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Those who manage world-renowned hotel BurjAlArab enlighten do obeisance to accuse a member below the banner and group of Jumeirah of luxurious hotel company to be in today with hotel investor, financing person reach the meeting that main and professional personage is an object inside course of study (announce to already parted in past fortnight on HICAP) below the autograph 5 hotels, number of property of new public house of the developing below your banner increases to 19.

The JumeirahBaliResort that these projects include Jumeirah group to obtain appoint management to be located in Indonesia respectively, south the JumeirahMessilahBeachHotel of the JumeirahAlSalamYitiBeachResort of the JumeirahAlSalamResort of the JumeirahMaldivesResort of Ma Leihuan reef, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait, these 5 new public houses and go vacationing the village plans at future kick off in succession inside 3 years. This is afterwards to announce recently at the Guangzhou, Gelasige, new development after reaching the United States to belong to the new project such as St.Thomas of dimension Beijing archipelago.

Jumeirah group CEO Mr GeraldLawless expresses: "We get the support of parent company DubaiHolding, marching toward smoothly make the whole world the target of luxurious hotel brand, anticipate the banner before 2012 falls manage or the luxurious hotel in build will achieve 60. Our exalted client already took the lead in be in enlighten do obeisance to, London and new York experience all are enjoyed to Jumeirah extraordinary (STAYDIFFERENTTM) brand acceptance, we expect to be in before long in the luxurious hotel that can spread all over the whole world below the banner in the future, xenial these clients. " at present Jumeirah management in all 11 hotels and go vacationing village.

Mr Lawless still expresses: "To Jumeirah character, asia-Pacific area is a main growth area. The group extends his to be in ceaselessly in recent years the property of each district, among them at least 1/3 is located in Asia-Pacific area. " Jumeirah is successive recently 5 years by " business travel " reader of magazine Asia-Pacific area is chosen for " hotel of optimal business affairs interlinks middle east area group " .

Include the hotel that kicks off in succession at Asia-Pacific area newest announce cling to the heaven and earth of Jumeirah Han Tangxin of li island project, Shanghai (2009) , the Jumeirah big public house of Guangzhou (2011) reach the JumeirahPrivateIslandPhuket(2010 that popularizes an island year) .

Go vacationing to drive Jumeirah to be reached in the hotel of Asia-Pacific area further the development of village respect business raises his the trademark is well-known degree, the group is divided 2 area are opened to sell agency in Tokyo and Singapore beyond, more area agency is created in Singapore. Brand-new area sells the office to will devote oneself to Jumeirah to be built in Asian brand, be in for the group enlighten do obeisance to, the hotel of London and new York and go vacationing the village takes more Asia guest or partner, at the same time assistance is about to be in each job of the each Jumeirah hotel of Asian practice.
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