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Sweet river of settle of Hotel Indigo of intercontinental hotel new brand

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Financial seismic sea wave assaults the whole world, but intercontinental hotel group does not suffer his to affect however, on October 16 more announce to be introduced in Asia-Pacific area brand-new hotel brand Hotel Indigo, the plan builds classical and unique hotel design in the round, take the lead in garrisoning Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo to wait for main city, abound the integrated experience of local passenger further.

Hotel Indigo is intercontinental afterwards is rolled out " intercontinental hotel and go vacationing village " , " hotel of imperial crown holiday and go vacationing village " , " holiday hotel and go vacationing village " and " quick holiday hotel " after the brand, in the 5th brand that Asia-Pacific area rolls out. It with distinctive design concept, drive a brand to develop in the whole world, this one concept succeeds to distinguish it and other type hotel. Like London the hotel designs Padingdu, the structure style that will blend in station of place's distinguished handkerchief Ding Du, include mural of luxuriant metal illuminative and the indoor artwork that experience London amorous feelings, in order to reflect the characteristic of seat and culture. Additional, old inside the hotel hall public, annual commutation is the sound of different style, smooth shadow and balmy technology, ensure the client experiences the characteristic of constant change.

Area of Asia-Pacific of intercontinental hotel group is presiding apparitor tall Wei this say: "The hotel of this brand, not any two are identical. " he expresses, the service level with new unique design concept, top-ranking brand and powerful profit, gain height quickly approbate. Outside eliminating Asia-Pacific division, uptodate already had 19 hotels start business, additionally 60 still are in in construction. He predicts, the guest room of every hotel is maintained in 150 reach 250, average area is 35 square metre.

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