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Investor values apartment of type of public house of Tianjin seaside region

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On October 11, the seaside that personage of the expert that be fond of and pays close attention to hotel type apartment, business affairs and investor attended to go in Tai Daju is praedial investment forum, discuss the relevant issue such as the investment of apartment of type of seaside region public house and development.

According to introducing, the tourism of Europe of traceable of hotel type apartment, already made the integrated apartment property that owns absolute property right, configuration to include hutch to be defended inside at present, its investor can be used at living oneself like buying average house already, also can give hotel company interconnected system is managed, win high investment get one's own back. In home, its habitant is foreign nationality business affairs more each are personage, big enterprise or business support of the people of business of unit middle-level, business is fond of freedom relaxed SOHO gens.

Market personage is analysed, the main factor that hotel type apartment attracts habitant has nice area the commercial environment of advantage, prosperity, convenient traffic condition and good apartment product and service. And investor is mixed besides consideration market prospect outside the capacity, still can pay close attention to country and area strategy program, economy to run the influence such as trends to invest the macroscopical setting of redound.

As we have learned, at present the hotel type apartment inside seaside new developed area is in start level, but the attention that already endured numerous investor. Current, the hotel type apartment inside limits of seaside new developed area takes the place of sometimes edifice, outside beach residence of 18 He Desheng, all get the attention of numerous investor. With " outside beach 18 " for exemple, open quotation only two many months, already sold 6 into above, among them, the person buy a house of 90% above is to stem from investment objective.

The director that design engineering company builds in Tianjin thinks: "Seaside new developed area is labelled the country develops the strategy, this drew the look of the whole world, more and more business affairs personages choose to invest in seaside area, they become the high grade passenger source with hotel type continual apartment. Accordingly, hotel type apartment can have greater progress in the future. Hotel type apartment can have greater progress in the future..

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