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Luxuriant group and intercontinental hotel sign the world newly 6 hotels project

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Spread in storm of wall street finance the whole world when, the intercontinental hotel group with maximum number of global hotel guest room however luxuriant group stride invests hand in hand industrial magnate world outspread. Both sides announces jointly in Hong Kong yesterday, in Chinese area the autograph arranges 6 hotels project, all be before 2013 practice.

Chairman of bureau of luxuriant group director makes the life Rong Mao is more high-key express, future reachs inside outspread public house 20 or so, it is high-end fixed position mostly, financing source is group own reserves partly, one part comes from the financing of other side. Besides, luxuriant group still plans the life next year second half of the year the hotel board piece tear apart in Hong Kong appear on the market, had started pre-construction work at present.

6 hotels distribution of item is promoted in Beijing, Shanghai, Fuzhou, carry on and peony river, involve intercontinental banner to fall " intercontinental hotel and go vacationing village " , " hotel of imperial crown holiday and go vacationing village " , " holiday hotel and go vacationing village " 3 old brands, high end of brunt fixed position, will come basically 2012 the practice between 2013, this action will be in for intercontinental hotel group China add 2100 guest room.

Below current economy environment, xu Rongmao expresses leisurely, the depression of economic big environment can produce certain effect to estate market really, but also because such, so China did not come to inside need pull move more appear particularly important, and travel hotel industry is inside the very principal property in needing, because this has hope very much to the future of hotel industry.

"Our group has 3 at present big advocate course of study, one is the house that holds the largest share, one is a hotel, still have commercial real estate, we have hope very much to hotel market, future can value hotel business more, so we plan to issue command hotel board piece business is torn apart appear on the market, hope next year second half of the year appears on the market in Hong Kong originally, of course we see the market fluctuates somewhat now, but if later inside need to grow, market whole situation has gone, so we hope to be able to be run as scheduled next year. " Xu Rongmao expresses, had started a hotel to tear apart the early days job that appear on the market at present, include pair of hotel board piece asset is evaluated etc, the hotel asset value of eye preexistence trade is 34 billion yuan of RMB about, this includes among them already practice, many 10 hotel is made an appointment with in what build. Financing takes fraction for two paces, the first pace is need introduces strategic investor before IPO, the orgnaization has invested to express interest outside family circumstances of know exactly about sth now, but had not talked calm; The 2nd pace is IPO financing. "We predict sell one's own things gives the strategy investor than be 20 % ~ about 30 % , when appearing on the market, still meet somewhat attenuant. When appearing on the market, still meet somewhat attenuant..
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