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Hotel the end of the year casts 5 stars to encircle be vividly portrayed with th

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Of railroad of border of Beijing ferry city enlightened, brought rare development opportunity for this city. Understand from concerned branch yesterday, according to the relevant demand that expands about accelerating business travel to serve industry, this city will with the river east area new open a way is axes, exert oneself makes trade of hub of Tianjin station traffic business affairs collect an area, namely the 9th big business of Tianjin town is encircled, the construction that whole business encircles predicts to use 3 years time, two period the project is finished.

Tianjin station traffic

The development fixed position that trade of hub business affairs collects an area is " one belt, two areas, one city, one street " . "One belt " , be about to river east the area makes a city flourishing economy belt; "Two areas " , make direct service namely model intermediate and quick vogue of shopping area and close together service high end consumes an area; "One city " , be about to open way way newly the lamplight market that the commercial site of two side makes station division; "One street " , make market of amorous feelings of a beautiful type namely.

As we have learned, a public house of class of a 5 stars still will be built inside trade group -- world of Tian Chengli sheng fine hotel, this hotel will run bloc government by the world's famous United States Ka Ersen public house. Current, the hotel already entered clothbound to build phase, predict investment of the end of the year is used this year.

In addition, project of new scope of operation of the Haihe River inside trade group plans to use the land near 20 hectare, total floor area makes an appointment with 600 thousand square metre, include high-grade residence and ocean international center to wait, will become business street of office building of first class of square of apartment of type of gardens of market modes of life and relation to their environment, hotel, business affairs, 5A and city the trade of integrated business affairs at an organic whole collects the area area.

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