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Exhibit hotel of business affairs of class of star of can exciting Beijing to ri

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The data that the net that carry Cheng published yesterday makes clear, enter October since the middle ten days of a month, as a result of of all kinds exhibit can hold thick and fast, beijing 4, of hotel of 5 stars class book the price to will rise September compared to the same period 15% above.

Data shows, the hotel of 5 stars class of Beijing will book the price on average to be October 1200 go to 1400 yuan, hotel of 4 stars class books the price on average to be 600 go to 800 yuan, compare September the price rises more than 15% ; SamSung class hotel books the price on average 300 control to 400 yuan, rise somewhat.

Tang Xiaofeng of senior inspector general tells business of hotel of the net that carry Cheng the reporter, travel will be entered after the middle ten days of a month in October off-season, the hotel price of each travel city falls somewhat. But will come in October during November, the meeting of Beijing is exhibited etc business affairs activity is very frequent still, produce of the 6th China International (000061, ) Fair, production technology of beer of 2008 China International, beverage and equipment exhibition ten exhibit the last ten-day of a month in can be being centered this month to hold, this brings about Beijing hotel price to go up apparently directly raise.

In addition, the hotel price of the city of main business affairs such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenyang also will appear October of different level go up.

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