Changsha is new spatio-temporal health year big public house

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Company brief introduction New spatio-temporal health year big public house reposes at the road in lotus of the Changsha City 3 paragraphs of business are flourishing a sector of an area, it is by Hunan Ming Yang estate develops limited company to invest build, international famous public house runs a company health year the hotel of high-quality goods of Gao Xing class that international hotel group manages. Hotel traffic is convenient, functional establishment is complete, have all sorts of advanced guest room, luxurious flatlet rooms that have different style and emotional appeal.

This hotel has the honor to win group of Chinese hotel trade hotel of member of association of restaurant of pioneer of brand of international of industry of hotel of brand of 10 large force, China, United States, China has industry of group of hotel of 20 strong, China most group of competition ability hotel the honor such as 20 strong companies. Fundamental condition What belong to an industry: Property of hotel estate company: Finite responsibility is in area: Hunan Province the Changsha City establishs date: Register fund: Legal entity of 10 thousand RMBs: Company dimensions: Astral grade level: 5 stars

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