Limited company of hotel of international of Yue of sea of Shenzhen constant ab

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Company brief introduction Hotel of international of Yue of constant abundant sea is the business affairs recreation that invests group limited company to invest build by Guangdong constant abundant hotel. The hotel reposes at area of Shenzhen city Baoan, it is Shenzhen western hotel of class of a exclusive 5 stars, be apart from dock of Shenzhen airport He Fuyong only Cheng of 15 minutes of cars, communication is very easy. The hotel always does business area 65000 much square metre, it is the recreation of business affairs of 5 stars class with Baoan at present only area hotel. There is of all kinds and luxurious guest room inside the hotel 266, of all kinds business affairs is recreational establishment is all ready; Exalted air of sea Yue wineshop, banquet hall is gorgeous, additional set various and luxurious honoured guest to include a house 36, can accommodate 1200 people repast at the same time; Curtilage Western-style food decorates elegance, provide of all kinds and fancy Western-style cooked food for you only; Day craftsmanship of one Japan arrange carries alone, let you appreciate full-bodied Dong Ying amorous feelings and pure Japanese cate; Red mill nightclub top class acoustics, accompany you carol of as much as one likes, all enjoy enthusiasm; Heaven and earth of SPA of blue thalassic sauna, Hai Yue, vigor, gym, outdoors swim pool, ping-pong field makes with tennis court your body and mind is in be able to loosen of busy business affairs in the round. The hotel still sets 7 business affairs assembly room mixes 5 muti_function hall, the meeting Wu that offers major serves, the success that is you all gains business chance, it is your business affairs meets, negotiated optimal choice!
Constant abundant group sets property of abundant of constant abundant real estate, constant, Heng Feng the enterprise such as hotel of international of investment, Heng Fenghai Yue. Involve the field such as hotel, estate, property, classics tens of year program, develop dovish, management to perfect now. Fundamental condition What belong to an industry: Property of hotel estate company: Finite responsibility is in area: Guangdong saves Shenzhen city to establish date: Register fund: Legal entity of 10 thousand RMBs: Company dimensions: Astral grade level: 5 stars
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