Hotel of international of deep Hang Jinjiang

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Company brief introduction Hotel of international of deep Hang Jinjiang is Shenzhen aviation one of build of investment of finite liability company follows public house of business affairs of international of 5 stars class. The hotel is located in blessing cropland area deep south the market piece area, face main force of Shenzhen city traffic closely to -- deep south highway, be located in center of Shenzhen traffic, commerce, economy, culture. The hotel covers an area of 4500 square metre, floor area 46116 square metre, have 420 (set) guest room, corridor of Chinese meal hall, Western-style food hall, coffee hall, red wine is set inside inn, provide perfect entertainment health substance facilities, hall reachs shindig of have as an attached institution muti_function hall, collect meal recreation at an organic whole.
The hotel is with advantage of Shenzhen airline resource rely on, it is Shenzhen airline sky take staff groom base, entrust trademark of one of integrated tourism groups with Chinese the biggest dimensions, government to be famous in domestic and international Shanghai hotel of international of bright and beautiful river runs limited company government, hardware establishment is perfect and all ready, situation is advantaged, character is outstanding, go after from beginning to end decorous with delicate.
We invite sincerely person of outstanding ability to join in here. The hotel will provide vast development space for employee, groom perfectly plan, and the firewood fulfil welfare that has industry competition ability. Fundamental condition What belong to an industry: Property of hotel estate company: Finite responsibility is in area: Guangdong saves Shenzhen city to establish date: Register fund: Legal entity of 10 thousand RMBs: Company dimensions: Astral grade level: Accurate 5 stars

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