Cafe of garden of Dongguan town north and south (5 stars)

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Company brief introduction Cafe of garden of Dongguan town north and south is the business affairs that by international level of 5 stars grade makes meticulously / recreational / recreation theme hotel. The hotel is located in enjoy " Dong Jiangzhi bead " digital industry town of military importance, town of stone stone tablet, rank Beijing wide railroad / Guan deep high speed / east the gold of river main channel is handed in collect a place, terraqueous communication is easy, trader of gold of a hunderd li is encircled, merchant of north and south gathers, the service that the decorous decorate that show originality, can calls top-ranking establishment and pursuit individuation will let you to the top of one's bent enjoy uncommon business travel.

Cafe of garden of north and south covers an area of a face to accumulate 25000 much square metre, floor area 42000 much square metre, various characteristic guest room is set inside 235, chinese meal hall / banqueting hall / Western-style food / day eat / muti_function hall / of all kinds assembly room / card pulls OK/ sauna / wash one's hair is enough / business affairs center / hairdressing beautifies hair / a variety of projects such as the swimming-pool, it is town of stone stone tablet and even Dongguan city northwest piece the platinum with only area 5 stars class is integrated model hotel of luxurious concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals.

This hotel has perfect tone salary / rising system, promote policy of each employee material benefits, bring you infinite groom freely opportunity, enhance each your technical ability, provide a tremendous development platform to you.
Cordial welcome has annals to lift at casting the friend of work of astral class hotel joins in! Choose cafe of garden of north and south, the new start that is your profession career!

Cordial welcome whole nation incoming telegram of school of each old technical secondary school negotiates should bound graduate and trainee obtain employment! Fundamental condition What belong to an industry: Property of hotel estate company: Finite responsibility is in area: Guangdong saves Dongguan city to establish date: Register fund: Legal entity of 10 thousand RMBs: Company dimensions: Astral grade level: 5 stars
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