100 get the better of meal (Shenzhen) limited company

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Company brief introduction 100 get the better of ministry of career of meal group China (Yum! Brands Inc. , china Division) is subject appear on the market at hanging out his shingle in stock exchange of American new York 100 get the better of global meal group (Yum! Brands Inc. ) , it is China's biggest meal group.

100 in getting the better of meal group, pragmatic trade department is 100 get the better of headquarters of China of global meal group, hold water at was in Shanghai 1993, it is include Chinese Taiwan, Thailand inside all and solely invested, joint-stock and concessionary management Kendeji, surely win guest, surely win send urgently curtilage, tower but bell, Oriental already white dining-room provides camp general affairs of carry, development, layout, finance affairs, human affairs, public relations and concessionary manage.

To the end of March 2008, 100 get the better of ministry of career of meal group China to leave successfully in chinese mainland went out to exceed 2, many 100 Kendeji dining-room, many more than 350 surely win passenger dining room, many 60 surely win send dining-room urgently curtilage, 14 east surely win with 3 in vain already pizza stands, employee number exceeds 160 thousand. The company is judged to be Chinese meal by Department of Commerce all the time for years 100 strong companies the first. 100 success turnover of Chinese were 21.5 billion RMB 2007, it is the part with the 100 the rapiddest growth in getting the better of global meal group.

100 getting the better of meal group is the meal group with global dining-room the biggest network, in the whole world 110 many countries and area are had more than 35, 000 interlink dining-room and many 1 million employee. Kendeji includes below its banner, surely win guest, surely win pizza station, A&W and Long John Silver ' S(LJS) brand of 5 world-renowned meal, reach seafood to interlink meal domain to rank the whole world in food of gust of boil chicken, pizza, Mexico respectively the first. 2007 100 get the better of global turnover to amount to 10 billion dollar, include among them straight battalion and join in fee income. Fundamental condition What belong to an industry: Property of meal estate company: Finite responsibility is in area: Guangdong saves Shenzhen city to establish date: Register fund: Legal entity of 10 thousand RMBs: Company dimensions: Astral grade level:
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