Shenzhen Nanhai hotel (5 stars)

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Company brief introduction Nanhai hotel is by Hong Kong Shanghai of group of beauty China group, bureau of trade of Hong Kong action, Hong Kong collects abundant bank and Oriental hotel to accuse a limited company to invest jointly, by Hong Kong hotel of beauty China international runs limited company government, in March 1986 practice, it is Shenzhen first by the hotel of 5 stars class of Chinese government assess, the hotel is located in by dock of passenger transport of Shenzhen Shekou international, embrace beautiful the thalassic scene of happy person, have beautiful scenery of gardens of independent illicit home. Hotel position is predominant, traffic network is perfect and convenient, before taking flier, International Airport of past Hong Kong needs 30 minutes only, shekou of passenger ship come-and-go reachs the annulus in Hong Kong, 9 dragon and Zhuhai, Macao. The hotel is apart from Shenzhen airport and railway station to also need car Cheng 30 minutes only. Elegance of 396 guest room is comfortable, comfortable type and, different level guest room can satisfy different price requirement. Bar of hall of coffee of glad of dining-room of Japan of hall of hall of appraise of Chinese meal sea, mew of Western-style food swallow, yokohama, mattress, lucky god, austral total meeting manufactures excellent, can view and admire bay or gardens beautiful scenery more. What many size differ is muti_function auditoria, deserve to reach conference device with advanced and perfect image sound, the business affairs activity that suits different type, employee grooms and the conference. What complete new clothes repairs is outdoors swim Chi Rong enters element of southeast Asia amorous feelings, in the center of locate hotel garden the position, face coastal waters margin, scene is attractive. Field of outdoors field operations covers an area of 30000 square foot, it is the outdoors wild battlefield that the whole nation builds first times within hotel of 5 stars class, suit recreation to suit of all kinds organization to undertake those who lead ability and group drive groom more not only. Other entertainment establishment includes gymnastical room, tennis court, sauna room, sunlamp room, ping-pong room to wait. The hotel is offerring perfect establishment to pay attention to the professional service of 5 stars class more at the same time, to satisfy the need of business affairs guest, indoor and public section already all opened the hotel wireless broadband online service. And Nanhai hotel is Shenzhen offers international SOS one only advisory hot line of free medical treatment and the hotel of 5 stars class that serve accordingly, the medical treatment that ensures the business affairs personage that is far from home, traveler can enjoy high quality all the time, health care and rescuing service, create safe medical treatment environment. At the same time information of hour of flight number of many 970 airline, airport, level seeks advice from whole world of hotel stock OAG service, offer a necessary information and huge advantage for traveler.
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