Hotel of Shanghai beautiful the court of a feudal ruler (colorful amount to)

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Company brief introduction Hotel of Shanghai beautiful the court of a feudal ruler develops limited company to invest development by estate of Shanghai peaceful constant, the as biggest as the whole world public house is concessionary distributor -- " group of hotel of Wen Demu international " banner inferior card " colorful amount to " make hand in hand. "Colorful amount to " hold water in the United States from 1954 up to now, already the hotel that in the whole world 134 countries owned level of grade of star of many 1000 4-5, it is all the time " mature hotel manages " get army brand. Below the guiding of eye of sex of advanced look up, "Tai Heng " with " colorful amount to " will be Shanghai dedicate jointly of hotel of business affairs of a high-quality goods " gluttonous regale " .
Hotel of Shanghai beautiful the court of a feudal ruler is located in Pudong areas of 3 Lin Shibo garden, center of the rich that occupy a life exhibits a house to be not worth 2000 meters, border the Asia's biggest parking lot, have the guest room with more than 160 elaborate originality, set establishment of the peace and happiness such as center of dining-room of luxurious sauna bathhouse, KTV, bar, Chinese and Western, conference, recreational, business affairs, it is sightseeing travel, recreational go vacationing, the good choice that business affairs negotiates. Shanghai spends individual character of tradition of slam the door of hotel of the court of a feudal ruler, be particular about, the Europe type of high elegance is built, the peaceful and satisfied atrium garden, landscape design that does not provide craftsmanship, " colorful amount to " the service concept with perfect high end, what make public house of business affairs of Shanghai high-quality goods jointly is brand-new and classical, with its distinctive glamour great kindness welcomes each presence of square Gao Peng!
We search same bosom to be being put in the intention make wish of hotel of business affairs of domestic high-quality goods, arrowy annals not of change pursuit target you, at the same time the genuine capacious platform that provides talent of put to good use to you, we will advocate the promotion of individual and group and achievement actively!
Shanghai spends what hotel of the court of a feudal ruler is expecting you to join! Fundamental condition
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