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Wen Zhou 10 thousand give birth to big public house with a person of extraordin

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Company brief introduction Hotel brief introduction
Wen Zhou 10 thousand giving birth to big public house with a person of extraordinary powers is by Wen Zhou 10 thousand invest limited company with the hotel contributive, the hotel of brand of international of home of Wen Zhou head that group of hotel of unripe international of a person of extraordinary powers manages, repose at beautiful Ou river river bank, border lukewarm city international exhibition center, be apart from railway station and downtown only Cheng of 15 minutes of cars, traffic convenient, environment is beautiful.
Assemble of hotel dining room the gust cate that comes from world each district, satisfy the requirement of glutton: Old hall luxurious and comfortable, in the music of carefree and halcyon, soft beauty, savour the elegant cake with dazzing bright, sweet strong coffee reachs all sorts of boiled water, drink, be recreational communication choose superexcellently; The Taiwan iron plate of sterling tunnel is burned, open the panoramic kitchen of type, masterly chef craft, the marrow that burns iron plate develops acme, while follow one's inclinations ground chooses acceptability cate, still but the excellent hutch of chef of whole journey appreciation art, sense organ of vision, taste is comprehensive and cheerful; Hall of Buddhist Yue coffee, classic culture of affection of Europe land wind and China is perfect blend, - - style is refined, fine Western-style eat point and coffee, different region amorous feelings is in the sublimate in sipping; The red wine that pull phenanthrene, red wine of banker of name of collect carefully world and highest grade cigar, reveal honour the rank of nobility elegant demeanour of showily, distinguished personages; The moon wine corridor of contemporary romance, pin Ming is small drink, talk ancient theory today, loosen body and mind; Hall of Chinese meal of drive deer cabinet, include capacious and bright hall and 16 VIP box, all sorts of dish fasten assemble cate vintage wine, let cate become happy force.
More than 170 style the guest room with disparate, complete establishment, all configured special computer and service of close chamberlain type. The administrative floor of personage of applicable business affairs, provided efficient, quick business affairs service not only, still have afternoon refreshments, business affairs also lies fallow easily from now on.
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