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Match star of two confectionery division to drive Hangzhou hotel to serve job ch

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One week later, back street boy goes to Hangzhou in the future. The amusement of Hangzhou is written down and " vermicelli made from bean starch " people already itch to try, everybody wants to master them to come this Hangzhou the journey detail of the show, so that come " 0 distances are contacted " .
A media, " vermicelli made from bean starch " with bodyguard, assistant people " dark battle " , be about to start shooting.
One among them stands for war, it is the habitat that star is in Hangzhou -- hotel.
To attract star, each hotel of Hangzhou exert all over skill, deal with star people various " slashing " requirement; To protect the privacy of star, hotel manager people it is to make great efforts more sufficient, not only should plan stronger security personnel measure, offer special private channel even.
"How to let star people can quiet, come in and go out surely hotel, also can reflect the competition ability of each advanced hotels. " fourth Chaohua of assistant inspector general of department of market of song heart big public house says frankly.
Star drives Hangzhou hotel service line of business changes
Match two confectionery division only for the singer
This, back street boy matchs only two large kitchen make pizza
The big wrist of group of Euramerican and popular music that opens a concert in Hangzhou as first, the manner nature of back street boy is not small -- they include 26 rooms that left song heart big public house at a heat, include 6 market price among them every night 3600 yuan luxurious flatlet. The establishment in luxurious flatlet is more top-ranking: What spread on the ground is the marble of Belgian entrance completely, hanging on the wall OK and wireless color television of online 32 inches of liquid crystal, there still is each on the table of toilet, sitting room and bedroom replete import fruity fruit basket.
Put forward to deal with them " should eat possibly to give furnace pizza newly at any time " requirement, the hotel is back street boy technically still special provided two confectionery division, among them one still is French large kitchen.
Security personnel measure is special rigor more. According to the requirement that agent of back street boy raises, the hotel is by the flatlet of 4 members, want to configure room of a bodyguard respectively, that is to say everybody has a close-fitting bodyguard round-the-clock guard. Be in yesterday, ding Chaohua still is revising repeatedly should send " back street " the fax of agent: "Before two days they just made a telephone call, say to want us to produce the plan of a hotel, and line out is the secrettest, quick ' discrepancy passageway ' . " this passageway, the which elevator that includes to leave a garage from the ground goes up, come out from which the a fewth corridor, which a few elevator mouth should configure a few bodyguard, "Tonight, they still will be entrusted in square staff member, this passageway foregone, report particular case again next. "
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