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Zhang Yi is sought make opening ceremony of Olympic Games of warm up of impressi

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Guide language: Hangzhou buys a town again " golden calling card " ;
Famous city of culture of the city of character of terrestrial heaven, life, city that has happy feeling most, history, world is recreational —— Hangzhou been obtaininging a lot of beauty praise, hangzhou has reason to also be necessary to promote his urban image to the world. 2008, of Chinese Olympic Games year, the whole nation does it happy, hangzhou also so and move. From last year March only then, by famed director Zhang Yi is sought, 3 Great Masters hold the position of Wang Chao song and Fan Yue advocate start the work, reflect a master of lake a person of academic or artistic distinction 3 person the performance of large landscape true condition of perfect union " impressional west lake " had performed in surface of lake of Hangzhou high mountain sadly. After a year, " impressional west lake " the strength that lends an Olympic Games is about to promote Hangzhou city image once more to the world, let the world understand Hangzhou more, let the world more perceptive west lake. On March 28, hangzhou city sign is released commend can hold in spot of show of impressional west lake, let two pieces of Hangzhou " golden calling card " ; Qi Qi shows a body.
Setting: The city of beautiful Lun Meihuan is famous on the world spend not tall
Hangzhou already had up to now built city history 2228. Period of the Southern Song Dynasty, hangzhou is one of the biggest cities on China and even world. At that time, europe is in mediaeval " dark period " ; , the city such as Paris, London still is done not have arisen, and Athens, Rome and ancient Egypt civilization already be on the wane. Hangzhou of be content to retain sovereignty over a part of the country of the Southern Song Dynasty, make Hangzhou is become at that time center of Chinese economy, culture, science and technology, urban population 100 much, it is one of cities with the most population on the world.
It is early 800 years ago, hangzhou has " terrestrial heaven " ; is beautiful praise. Horse but · pineapple highly praise yuan acting Hangzhou is " the most beautiful and showily day city on the world " ; . But the urban fixed position of Hangzhou does not have final conclusion for a long time all the time, after many change.
At the beginning of new China holds water, hangzhou is decided to be the whole nation to open to the outside world travel visits a town. A of at that time main job, resume production namely, rebuild the west lake view that gets a war to destroy scenic spot, and construction rests partly recuperate establishment.
1953, the Hangzhou city that the country builds the Ministry of Works in feudal China and help of Russia expert Mu Xin to make is preliminary program, affirmatory Hangzhou is " rest with the scenery the city that recuperate gives priority to " ; . According to this one fixed position, hangzhou is built removed large quantities of one sanatorium such as land cure, sea cure, empty cure.
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