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Hotel of Hangzhou of clerk doctrine English eagerly business chance of angle Oly

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Hangzhou stadium on the road " Bao Shancun " , getting busy about going to these days liquid crystal TV set is removed in inn; On clear peaceful street " new 3 wool big public house " with road of Dragon Well tea 7 " garden dining-room " , its clerk is learning dining-room English group by group; Desolate big public house expedites Shan Kaiyuan name sale elite hurries off to market of conference of Beijing main attack... these seeing seem the move with irrelevant each other, mix actually closely related a grand occasion, that is 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
Contend for restaurant of   of TV of liquid crystal of photograph hang out to plan an Olympic Games economy
"Bao Shancun " meal fixed position is consumption of the daily life of a family, decorate so go up to did not cross much luxurious establishment. But this year, restaurant manager Hushensheng also does not sit again, went purchasing 11 42 inches liquid crystal televisions at a heat. His plan is hanged in the balcony of dining-room 3 are hanged in 8 stage, halls.
"Arrived after Beijing Olympic Games will kick off August, these liquid crystal TV can be sent on big use. " Hushensheng is planning, "Go to those Chinese meal and dinner need the Olympic Games that cafeteria has a meal is confused for, if this cafeteria does not have TV, cannot watch the match and Olympic Games news, they did not come probably. "
Clear peaceful street last year new-blown " new 3 wool big public house " during planning the Olympic Games an one side is supported in the hall of 600 square metre " 1.5 meters of × 1.5 meters " TV screen, so that arrive when for deadbeat people match of spot hookup Olympic Games, and the totle drilling cost of this appreciation service exceeds 60 thousand yuan. In addition, hotel project department already was in 20 many balcony wiring, the plan also acquires in balcony liquid crystal television.
After big public house of the town in the new flower of the nearly 10 thousand square metre on the road austral lake villa was decorated anew last year, also spent many yuan 40 to be in 60 many balcony mount 32 inches of liquid crystal televisions with 37 inches.
Nevertheless, be very happy with it to cafeteria the ground throws funds to acquire hardware prepares for war the practice of Olympic Games business chance, also the personage inside course of study expresses not hopeful: "Appear like the meeting on field sth. recieves little attention is same, during the Olympic Games, the business of Hangzhou cafeteria all is not like person meaning probably. " the expert thinks, 2006 during football match of German world cup, anticipate kitchen of Liu Jiaxiang hot house, a person of academic or artistic distinction to business of food taken late at night taller, "Kitchen of a person of academic or artistic distinction " spent 100 thousand yuan to be in balcony and hall hang out 7 42 inches liquid crystal televisions, still received the Fu Feipin of program of special hookup football to, installed two online computer to get online freely for the guest, but these fine bitter intentions are final yield results is not big, decreased than usual during the game of business of food taken late at night of these inn two into. After the event investigate its reason, industry compares the point of view of self-identity or " everybody prefers to watch the game in the home in the evening " .
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