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Happy event will ascend a hotel to be started into project of heaven of Hangzhou

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Hangzhou will buy the brand public house of international class again! On Feburary 22 afternoon, president of limited company of development of investment of Hangzhou Xi Xi Mr Liu Xiaoliang and happy event amount to room public house to reach go vacationing operation of district of village group China is advanced vice-president Mr Qianjin, in Huang Long restaurant signed cooperative agreement formally, this is indicating international is famous not only brand happy event will ascend a hotel to garrison Hangzhou, more mean " Xi Xi heaven " of this one brand start -- in edge of park of wet ground of Xi Xi state, will appear one covers a state the omnibus project of hotel of brand of international of class of Gao Xing of service center of wet museum, travel, much home and high-end property.
"Be in even in Hangzhou the whole nation, neither one project resembles Xi Xi heaven such assemble so numerous design a person of academic or artistic distinction! This project brings the future that is Hangzhou far-reaching influence. " when accepting a reporter to interview, hangzhou Xi Xi invests president of development limited company Mr Liu Xiaoliang to express, because design the 9 England that establish boarding house and are familiar with by Hangzhou person,well-known architect wears the Jipufeierde that defend · , it is Xi Xi heaven only among them a stylist. On the stylist list of Xi Xi heaven, still Spanish C&P international builds president of design office author, chairman and presiding stylist, world-class to build Haweier Piaosi of design Great Master, qi of Great Master of structure of level of Japan border hall, Ji is author of new drawing office, presiding stylist Ji Qi is new, swiss world-class builds school of the Great Master, Nuo that lift a contract to basically represent Maliao Boda.
And understand according to the reporter, divide wide outside inviting famous expert, the development group of Xi Xi heaven also is actual strength abundant. Develop Shang Xixi to invest development limited company to travel by Hangzhou joint investment establishs group and government of west lake district, hangzhou already had restaurant of restaurant of Hangzhou edifice, yellow dragon, new live abroad, day below tourism group division yuan the edifice numerous for Hangzhou citizen the brand enterprise of hep path.
Liu Xiaoliang expresses, be in about on June 1, 2009, hangzhou citizen can be enjoyed be fond of the service that will enter public house of this one world-renowned brand, and the hotel type property that brook heaven precedes with international on the west develops pattern -- core of hotel group hungry day, still will introduce more hotel brands for Hangzhou citizen. Xi Xi heaven the wet high-end project on this current and real significance, come to village of banyan having Yue, happy event to record the hotel style that waits for level of grade of hotel of high-grade high-quality goods, 5 stars the hotel of apartment, property right type that exceeds 5 stars level and composition of partial commerce form a complete set. Among them, hotel type apartment will be in open quotation of second half of the year is sold this year.
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