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Hangzhou of price of room of Spring Festival hotel goes up slightly Shanghai div

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The hotel room price of edge of Hangzhou west lake rises 50, 100 yuan, the price of room of hotel of fast star class of Shanghai plunges 30 % . During the Spring Festival, the hotel room price of travel city and business affairs city will appear to go differently situation.
Yesterday, the reporter learns from Hangzhou hotel, class hotel hanged the Gao Xing all round square of west lake edge, fierce forest to rise in price card, amplitude modulation goes up to be in during the Spring Festival 50, 100 yuan. The Hangzhou that is like standard of the 4 stars side the west lake benevolence with restaurant, medicinal powder guest price is 430 yuan, than expensive at ordinary times gave 90 yuan. And a few economy hotel, also sell during the Spring Festival gave the value on the weekend, and the rate that book a room is higher already. 3 inferior, the hotel room price of Nanjing also will rise.
51 golden weeks are cancelled this year, previously not quite make market of vigorous Spring Festival travel, be valued by the hotel afresh, these hotels happen to coincide the ground made folk-custom subject, build the atmosphere that spend the New Year in order to attract a tourist. Hangzhou leaves yuan the name is big the hotel placed chess chessboard in old hall, dining-room doorway is worn had bass drum. And Hangzhou benevolence and restaurant are to send a guest red bag and paper-cut more.
Still have 10 many days from the Spring Festival, of Hangzhou hotel book rate already presented a pretty good state. "The foreign guest that the Spring Festival goes to Hangzhou is not little. " Hangzhou is colorful amount to Cai Ya of manager of hotel sale department group tell a reporter, at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year 2, first 3, 200 group house already was ordered full, medicinal powder guest room is booked rate also achieved 50 % . Branch of Hangzhou of net of the journey that carry Cheng also expresses about personnel, of Hangzhou in booking a room, majority is booked it is centrally at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year come first 4, first 2, first 3 will reach a peak.
Differ with Hangzhou, during the Spring Festival, the tourist waits for business affairs city to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, high-grade hotel will be very substantial in living. Tang Xiaofeng of senior inspector general says business of hotel of net of the journey that carry Cheng, the main passenger source of high-grade hotel is business affairs guest in, passenger flow of Spring Festival business affairs is less, each are big the hotel also is moved in succession low hotel price, enter can extraordinary be to one's profit at the appointed time, need defray to live in busy season only 4 stars class even the charge of SamSung class hotel, with respect to the service that can enjoy hotel of 5 stars class.
Shanghai is in during the Spring Festival for instance, of hotel of 4 stars class, 5 stars class enter the price to drop control in 30 % , hotel of small bit class enters the price to drop it is under 10 % . Beijing, price of hotel of fast star class falls amount to 23 % left and right sides. And the price of hotel of fast star class of Guangzhou falls also achieve 20 % - 30 % .
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