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New personality of banquet of busy marriage of hotel of Hangzhou length a holida

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Hangzhou is worthy of is love, "The golden week " go 3 days, a when be located in emancipatory road famous big public house should receive 10 wedding on average everyday, get tired of payable hotel can excuse oneself from comes loose guest; Marriage of a luxurious and bridal light celebrates charge to be as high as many yuan 20; Run quickly S600 is done preside over a wedding ceremony the car is said deridingly unexpectedly " do not have class " ... marry what mad tide brings is vie strong wind, let a person can't help be present 80 hind be breathless with anxiety or tension.
Big public house does 10 field wedding one day
Yesterday towards evening, hangzhou liberates vertical stroke of lobby of a hotel to remove 7 marriage banquet to indicate a shop sign, 7 pairs of new personality hold late dinner at the same time, a hall is broken up 3 area, the emcee of 3 a place where people gather for various purposes compares loudly, it is a person simply gas is compared greatly go all out. "With respect to home where seeing emcee can create atmosphere most, make the scene hot, go down family comparing. " the ground of call a spade a spade of young lady of the Song Dynasty that will drink wedding feast says, "This long holiday passes too tiredly, I had drunk two wedding feast, spell the hall with the person, acclaim so that applause with all one's strength, be given to compare by the group of relatives and friends of other people of a new type otherwise went down. "
Hotel clerk tells a reporter, "11 golden weeks " during, their hotel has 10 marriage dinner on average everyday, had done not have method to be recieved again medicinal powder guest.
Subsequently the phone interviewed the reporter to be located in a city east with the city a few on the west big public houses, be discharged completely by marriage banquet.
The Zhang Daming that will do wedding feast on October 2 tells a reporter: "We also are not have to collect ' the golden week ' this is lively, basically be holiday, nonlocal relatives and friends can come, the person is much more lively. "
Marriage celebrate charge to want 10 thousand yuan on average
So hot bridal market makes each marriage celebrates a company earn basin full earthen bowl is full.
The reporter interviewed Hangzhou a few big marriage celebrate a company, there are ten only businesses during every are growing a holiday almost, much have 20 much sheet even.
The city has a marriage to celebrated a company to engineer 7 wedding the day before yesterday only on the west, "All employee abandon holiday entirely, also work overtime entirely in the evening, do not earn now when to earn. " the boss says very flatly.
A marriage on Mo Ganshan road celebrates company staff member to tell a reporter, the marriage that they carry on to be saved completely celebrates professional work, "11 golden weeks " first days, justice black turned concert of a diminutive into whole wedding to new personality, spent many yuan 20, and this is only merely marriage the money that celebrates a plan.
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