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Maotai went up 8 times valence is high-grade liquor enjoys seafood " current pri

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Envisage very hard, such case can appear in goods and materials general very abundant Hangzhou. Yesterday, when the chief money river that deputy food of Zhejiang trade source matchs to send limited company asks the Maotai of other city agency moves money as usual, the 30 case that the accused knows to be booked last Friday Maotai of 53 degrees of flying Apsaras, present trade price by 590 yuan before / bottle attune reachs 658 yuan / bottle.
"Went up weekend 68 yuan / bottle. " Qian Jiang is pursy brows. Nevertheless, talked in whispers a few, he or frank ground " eat " left this 30 case " the price since on the spot " Maotai. Because, be in Hangzhou now, maotai of 53 degrees of flying Apsaras is close very spruce, business exceeds, hotel a filling goods such as anxiously.
5 grain fluid carried Maotai at the same time yesterday valence
Asing if is to agree beforehand, yesterday, two big high-grade liquor of Chinese are representative at the same time terminal of Xiang Ling carry out released fluid of brand Maotai, 5 grain to raise price " instruction " . "Today, supermarket general the retail price of fluid of 52 degrees of 5 grain by every bottle moves 538 yuan 498 yuan. " yesterday afternoon, supermarket of Home Hua Runmo purchases the relevant chief yellow director of the ministry to disclose when accepting a reporter to interview. Be known according to him, the other supermarket of Hangzhou, brand shop is unified also increased the price, because " the requirement that this is manufacturer " . After the urgent and harmonious meeting of advanced day, yesterday, guizhou Maotai increased factory price again. "The low general that spend wine goes up 40 yuan / bottle, high wine went up on average 80 yuan / bottle. " a personage of know the inside story confirms. This also is Maotai afterwards issued the standard on January 11 wine kind the price is average on tone 12% after move price with great quantity again.
The Zhejiang trade source that belongs to because of its controls a limited company is the wine with the oldest Zhejiang waterborne battalion business, inside course of study rife " every 10 bottles of Maotai have Zhejiang in 5 grain fluid 6 bottles are trade source sells those who go out " , qian Jiang is wet to rising in price in this high-grade liquor of experience have feeling most. "From last year the beginning of the year begins, high-end liquor brand is in all the time rise in price. Especially Maotai, ' almost every 10 days half month is about to go up move ' . " Qian Jiang says. According to century couplet the relevant controller of Hua Qingchun inn introduces, calculate go up to rise in price this, maotai from 2007 the beginning of the year has raised price 8 times to now, the retail price of Maotai of 53 degrees of flying Apsaras by at that time every bottles get on nearly 700 yuan when be moved to now 428 yuan. "A wine is in tone goes up 1 year inside time nearly 300 yuan, go up exceed 6 to become, want not to have the courage to think before. " the yellow manager of Home Hua Runmo plaints continuously. The corresponding period, 5 grain fluid also was experienced 5 times raise price, among them the retail price of fluid of 52 degrees of 5 grain by 428 yuan of attune of the beginning of the year went to 538 current yuan last year.
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