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Western-style cook Shi Xinzeng is Hangzhou in short supply profession

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Western-style food, confect is the main component of western meal culture. Western-style cook division is the profession with more in short supply Hangzhou, hangzhou town work and social security bureau announce last week edition Hangzhou city is in short supply 2008 profession (type of work) catalog, add Western-style cook division newly also to be in short supply profession () of type of work. Labor and social security bureau say, as the development of Hangzhou, especially line of business of tourism, service grows quickly, foreign tourist grow in quantity, bigger and bigger to the demand of Western-style food, hangzhou Chinese meal is done well, but the talent of Western-style cook respect is insufficient still.
Large kitchen of a lot of Western-style food is busy yesterday preparation is restful nocturnal big eat, they are accepted in business interview. The chef of Western-style food ministry of Zhejiang international big public house grows piece of master to say, a novice becomes an outstanding Western-style cook division to need lustrum of the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site, western-style cook division has Western-style cook division division of primary and division of division of advanced and technician of senior technician, Western-style cook division, Western-style cook, intermediate and Western-style cook, Western-style cook 5 grade. Hangzhou of this kind of talent is short of quite now, division of advanced and Western-style cook is more popular. Monthly pay of division of a primary and Western-style cook is controlled in 1200 yuan, the monthly pay of technician of division of a Western-style cook achieves 10 thousand yuan very common.
Elegant gentleman of king of technician of Western-style cook division is in an inn of coffee Western-style food so a big public house does Hangzhou chef, he says, do a good Western-style cook division to want to understand dish very much not only, culture of even perfectness west, because lack the Western-style food of culture, resemble " like lacking the spirit " .
The Western-style food large kitchen of a few hotels says, hangzhou hotel enrols the Western-style food cook that has experience commonly now, a few advanced hotels can take study of system of a few apprentice to do Western-style food cook, of strong finish school, the cooking that comes from a few vocational schools more is professional, be like duty of the second best plan duty of tall, west lake is advanced.
The high president with high post of the second best plan says, vocational school of Hangzhou city the second best plan has Western-style food cooking and confect to make major, office of Jiang Bin of tall, Hangzhou also has duty of Hangzhou west lake high this is professional.
The cooking major with high post of the second best plan is education of record of formal schooling, 2002 national level was obtained to show plasticity major name when the bottom. Student system learns Western-style cook skill and confect to make, graduation is late diploma of professional high school and Hangzhou town work and the qualificatory letter that nucleus of social security bureau sends.
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