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Golden week of path of Shanghai person additional monarch does wedding feast to

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Want to do marriage banquet in the golden week, but satisfactory hotel is early be booked one sky, many new personality are obliged to monarch additionally path. This year during National Day, choose of many new person selected go vacationing in the suburb the village does lawn wedding, still have even wrapped a bus to do wedding feast to Hangzhou.
Miss Sun early is in with respect to the plan do wedding during National Day this year, but oneself satisfactory hotel is early be booked one sky. To hold wedding as scheduled, miss Sun is far go to Hangzhou to make an on-the-spot investigation, the public house of 5 stars class that orders ground of one family belongs finally beforehand, price is not less than Shanghai petty gain. Bridal that day, the bus car that Miss Sun books receives close friends Hangzhou, before additionally a few guest drive oneself, go to. "Arrived afternoon, everybody can go the west lake rambles, drink drink tea, chat a little, pat take a picture, eat wedding feast again in the evening. " Miss Sun thinks, she arranges relatives and friends " short distance travels " , wedding lively be united in wedlock together with the beautiful scenery of the west lake, do not have local color one time.
Mr Chen also is less than a hotel because of ordering, choice golden hill goes vacationing the lawn that the village did a break a new path is bridal. He proposes below arch of a basket of flowers, spend in lawn upcast with the bride, gallop, put flying balloon... all these is filmed come down, use big screen umbriferous " spot direct seeding " , guest people can't help gasping in admiration: "Resemble Oscar prize-giving ceremony really! " a few marriage celebrate reporter Cong Jiading, Song Jiang, Min Hang, golden hill the company understands, because the suburb has lawn, villatic, laky wait for resource, attracted many new personality to head for. As a result of marriage celebrate a company to offer rent a car receive send, the problem of guest urban district going there and back has been changed numerous for brief, blocked even what the urban district always encounters up Che Chi to the problem to also be solved, and the countryside outside be far from a city to come to outskirt, oneself one is plant quiet. Although the price does not poor, still many people are willing to be leave unforgettable instant and " bury sheet " .

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