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The hotel is zealous register unboiled water of wind of sale of network of Hangz

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"There is heaven on, there is Su Hang below. " Hangzhou serves as travel, recreational city, because having giant sightseeing, recreational, meeting to exhibit passenger source, also became the position grabbing a beach of hotel industry. At present, cut down rides instead of walk when large quantities of one enterprise follow closely that are a delegate with Hangzhou hotel, arisen the wind of sale of a network. Reporter a few days ago from center of information of Chinese internet network (CNNIC) those who hold " navigate grows, location leaves tomorrow " -- the understanding on the path forum that company of extreme competition times grows arrives, large quantities of one Hangzhou enterprises register current network address in succession, extend product and ground of brand sale bold and resolute the net to go up.
Can exhibit course of study to drive a hotel collective " get online "
The tourism of Hangzhou rises as the bitter fleabane rise suddenly that can exhibit property in last few years, hotel industry development is carried apparently fast. The astral class guesthouse of Hangzhou makes an appointment with 229 nowadays. Arrive 10 years of 2006 from 1996, hangzhou hotel guest room year increase rate achieves 15%-20% .
To extend network sale space further, carry out Internet brand protection, zhejiang hotel industry chose to register current network address. Make the same score lake emperor thunder to overcame big public house to register for example " holy thunder overcomes big public house " , limited company of Zhejiang international big public house was registered " Zhejiang international big public house " , long promoted international big public house to register " long start international big public house " , and Hangzhou is faced installed big public house, yellow Long Yueliang to register respective current network address big public house of bay of big public house of seascape of big public house of sweet excessive of bay big public house, Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Tang Ren hotel in succession.
To experience current network address convenient quality, the reporter is inputted in address column " big public house of bay of yellow dragon moon " , arrived at its official website immediately. Guest room was offerred to book on the website, sales promotion activity, drive oneself all sorts of services such as travel. The client even if besides be apart a thousand li, also can pass " big public house of bay of yellow dragon moon " the square respect extent that guide of this one network knows a public house, the experience serves on convenient and quick net.
"Current network address gets of numerous enterprise love, because it is had,be above all ' man-to-man essence collimation is amounted to ' characteristic, the website that can conduct the netizen the business directly, even the deep-seated page that the product sells, reduced the segment of the search greatly; On the other hand its sexual price is compared very tall, a common current network address enrollment of a year the price wants hundreds of yuan only. " Hangzhou net connects Zhu Chaojie of president of interconnection IT limited company to say.
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