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Price of room of hotel of National Day Hangzhou is top break up times did not ap

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The golden week draws near increasingly, the guest room of each hotel books Hangzhou the phone begins noisy ceaseless.
"These days, book a phone very much, reckon 30 days of meetings reach peak. " hotel of Hangzhou travel business affairs books a net -- alliance orders a room to book department chief yellow young lady to say.
Water goes up natural height, price of each hotel room appears to rise generally. The reporter understands in interview, rise in price extent is in basically 20% above, highest turned over one times even.
Source of house of region of west lake scene the closest spruce
Under photograph comparing, this year the room source during National Day, did not appear before " one house is begged hard " circumstance. The reporter dialed hotel of much home urban district yesterday book a phone, divide scene division share high-grade hotel guest room is closer besides, can order wanted guest room beforehand mostly.
The occurrence of this one phenomenon, begin a large number of occurrence hotels from last year with Hangzhou inseparable. According to divulging, from last year second half of the year begins, the hotel that Hangzhou adds newly not less than 1000.
"From book a circumstance to look at present, the room source of area of west lake scene is the closest spruce, the source still considers the hotel room of other area more bounteous. " alliance books a room book department chief yellow young lady to say.
The hotel inside area of west lake scene appears tight spruce situation also is not continuously whole golden week. "Compare insecurity with respect to before 3 days of guest room, remain only a few 1380 yuan / between the administrative mark of the day. " a staff member of ministry of guest room of hotel of Hangzhou willow warbler says.
Price of some hotels room broke up
During the golden week, hangzhou downtown and the hotel with scene circumjacent area also borrow this " aureate " , house price all fronts rises. As we have learned, the extent that each hotel rises from 20% - 100% differ.
"Hotel of a few business affairs looks be like did not rise in price, broke up actually nearly one time. " a chief that the hotel books a net says, of these hotels hang list price to be controlled in 400 yuan, but can hit commonly at ordinary times 5 fold, and do not hit commonly during the golden week fold.
Be like hotel of holiday of amorous feelings of Hangzhou Europe land, between a high mark the price will be 270 yuan on September 30, and the price October 1 is 448 yuan; Hangzhou the price between the mark September 30 is hotel of outstanding glad century 258 yuan, the price October 1 is 458 yuan.
Nevertheless, hangzhou the whole nation interlinks quick hotel and did not rise in price mostly. A controller of the Xing Wulin inn of bright and beautiful river tells a reporter, "11 " during, between hotel mark everyday house price is maintained be in 169 yuan - 199 yuan level.
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