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Golden week person is enraged most flourishing city Hangzhou is successive 7 who

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The golden week that just goes, does people like to go most which city travels? Recently, net of the journey that carry Cheng was released person of whole nation of 11 golden weeks enraged urban pop chart 2007.
Investigation limits involves 40 main cities of Chinese. Investigation data travels with Cheng is being carried during the golden week the hotel of the net, airline ticket and go vacationing the product books a circumstance to give priority to, on integrated net of popular travel destination browse. Main body cent is 3 parts: Give a pedestrian to enrage most flourishing city, arrive at a person to enrage most flourishing city and golden week person are angry most flourishing city.
Give a pedestrian to enrage most flourishing city, before 3 are Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, hangzhou row the 6th. The expert thinks, hangzhou is famous recreational city, recreational culture inside information is solid, consumptive economy is active, local lives with enjoying all along and celebrated, increase around rich travel resource, these drove a citizen to go out actively journey.
In arrive at a person to enrage most in flourishing city, hangzhou after listing Shanghai, Beijing, rank the 3rd, before residing pop chart firmly 3 strong.
This year 11, hangzhou hotel books a nocturnal volume to lag behind at ranking the first Shanghai only, prep above Beijing, linger time is as long as on average 3.5 evening, west lake edge and hotel of fast star class are the sprucest. This also is reflected piece, hangzhou is becoming travel to lie fallow the destination city that go vacationing.
In the meantime, enrage in golden week person most the city of flourishing is ranked integratedly in, before Hangzhou is become again 3 strong, after be located in Shanghai, Beijing likewise, this rank, it is a pedestrian during integrated golden week enrage and arrive at the element such as person energy of life to judge those who go out.
Afterwards 2005 after 11 golden weeks, hangzhou has ranked the 3rd of pop chart the 7th times continuously, ever discharged the Guangzhou in front, Chengdu and Qingdao more than.
Statistic shows, 11 golden weeks, phenomenon of Hangzhou emersion blowout, quantity of tourist of tourist attraction of each scene area achieves 7.084 million person-time, those who be the history of 11 most, will come 4 days on October 1 among them successive quantity of 4 days of tourists exceeds 1 million. Travel income
2.698 billion yuan of RMBs, than last year the corresponding period grew 17.81 % .

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