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Ba Qiaoxing night arrives at Hangzhou 100 security personnel are protected drive

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On August 31 dispatch tonight, beautiful Hangzhou west lake is about to welcome a lasting figure, that is once the host of blue battle gown -- Robert Baqiao. And be in next in a day, ba Qiao's glamour will engulf whole Hangzhou town, for this, sponsorred Fang Yean to discharge hundreds security personnel to escort the Emperor for Ba Qiao convoy.
According to the author from sponsor square understanding to arrive, ba Qiao follows in the means of Beijing to still take VIP channel euqally after reaching airport of Hangzhou desolate hill, and the spot also will have large quantities of security personnel to hold back fan and media, the hotel of class of past Hangzhou honoured guest before subsequently Ba Qiao will multiply special directly -- Zhejiang guesthouse.
Although Zhejiang guesthouse is in,the feeling on the name is not first-class hotel it seems that, but but Zhejiang guesthouse has the public house of fame most, a few central leaders once stayed. The position of guesthouse is namely by the side of the west lake, and price also is those who comparative is tall, local says, normally price is in 500 yuan of above.
Hangzhou here sponsor just express, there will not be what activity to arrange after Ba Qiao arrives at Zhejiang guesthouse, the end that such doing is to let Ba Qiao take a rest well, because tomorrow still daylong activity is waiting for this world-class giant star.
As we have learned, the program arrangement of Ba Qiaoming day is: Will appear in the press conference that Zhejiang guesthouse has partly at 9 o'clock in the morning, and be in attended an Olympic Games partly at 10 o'clock concessionary commodity signs carry out. The dot arrives afternoon at 4 o'clock, fan attends toward Hangzhou gymnasium before Ba Qiao general interactive activity, ba Qiao general and spot fan make interact and be opposite with the commissioner's identity the player that attends bump ball show undertakes making component. Arrived at 7 o'clock in the evening at 9 o'clock, ba Qiao will attend a beneficent auction to meet, this also is Ba Qiao the last activity of the travel of this hurried Hangzhou.
On September 2 early in the morning, guangzhou is gone to before Ba Qiao will set out, this also is his last station in China.

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