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Body did not move, the heart has long been immersed in the festive atmosphere, in December was a busy end of the year though, but it is also the best harvest season and the release of passion. Christmas atmosphere around the capital, which has become the world celebrate the holiday of our lives essential dash of color. Winter cold, until now have not looked forward to the first snow of 2010, but it does not matter, maybe in the Christmas Eve, will heighten the atmosphere of the snow drift, we will be in the next two weeks the Christmas carnival in the end. This time, the food ahead of the Christmas carnival warm-up maps, star of the festival and the gluttonous feast celebrations will be presented one by one. Christmas is a year when the Alaska seafood began to have lost its lonely. The launch of InterContinental Financial Street Christmas package contains a wealth of seafood, fresh is definitely the best word to describe their unique geographical location, clean and pollution-free water and strict system of fisheries management, quality assurance all dare to boldly reasons. Wide range of delicious meat, fish, shellfish, crab stacked neatly, salmon, snow crab, cod, flounder, halibut, wild salmon, and so the rich can really choose who love seafood was hooked. In addition to delicious, nutritious seafood is another advantage, girls do not have to eat a big meal for the night to heart, do not pick and choose Select oil-free food, low calorie diet and raw seafood is a natural, healthy and beautiful can easy. Also wine with food, fine champagne is here the most appropriate partner, of course, a wealth of recreational activities and exciting Grand Prize more make this a memorable night, Ye Hao Chinese food, Western food worth mentioning clearly different theme restaurants, a Hyun color food travel is about to begin! Monsoon: December 15, 2010 to January 15, 2011, Alaska's top seafood restaurant, will visit monsoon, for the love of seafood consumers in a whole new experience. Do not miss the Christmas Eve Carnival is more, in addition to a wealth of recreational activities, but also to win the Intercontinental Yokohama, Japan, accommodation and double three-day round-trip ticket! More activities Tel: 010-58525888 Address: No. 11 Financial Street, Xicheng District Hefei is the source online 2010-12-17 09:14: Shopping Guide Share this article to a micro-Bo: JW Marriott Hotel Tour experience cool taste Grill Asian Style CRU Steakhouse Christmas is definitely the best choice. Grill enjoy great prestige of this award-winning, picking Pinzhong class rich, while positive Shenghao season, where the import Shenghao succulent taste to meet the rich, fresh-baked Christmas roast turkey foot tall, large and condiments, Christmas honey Huotui component full share to the whole family. Of course, wine ambassador for the Christmas dinner table will provide the best wine with the proposal. CRU Steakhouse Christmas dinner Time: December 24, 2010, 6:00 till late evening Christmas Package: 388 yuan / person (including complimentary drink) Asian Fashion Christmas Sunday Brunch Date: From now until December 26 Time: Every Sunday 11:30 am to 3:30 pm Price: Adult 338 ~ 438 yuan Lobby Lounge Lobby Lounge Christmas afternoon tea buffet includes all kinds of hot drinks, delicious snacks and desserts, etc., where the passion of warmth will accompany you through the cold winter. Time: from now until December 26, 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm Price: 108 yuan (all kinds of drinks you can drink), 128 (all you can drink imported wine) Fine Cake: enticing gifts to full light wonderful Christmas gift baskets Christmas season! Pet gift baskets: 588 yuan luxury gift baskets: 1388 yuan More activities Tel :010 -59,088,995 Address: Chaoyang District, No. 83 Jianguo Road, China Central Place Sofitel Wanda French elegant Christmas dinner Christmas Eve dinner at all, Sofitel Wanda can be evaluated as the most elegant, five law all authentic dishes, with Boston lobster with vanilla butter mix, but also to eat dishes like grilled turkey, of course, self-VIC will not disappoint, with sweet clover grass juice with the caviar and oysters to eat, there are smoked salmon with toast and red onion, capers and refreshing taste, foie gras was undoubtedly the most anticipated practice, where with sherry, brandy and port wine marinated foie gras, already drunk when eating the first bite into the heart, the warmest winter squash soup is the ingredient, mixed with chicken broth, butter, onion, pumpkin soup with France the most traditional odor. Duck breast and pork chops are a mixture of herbs that appears after a three-dimensional flavor. That night, the magic of Sofitel luxury style dinner will be thoroughly interpreted, accompanied by melodious singing off the audience there some secret celebrity climax. 1. Magic Ping Dinner: Diamond VIP evening of December 24 bit: RMB 3388 net / person, Platinum VIP place: RMB 2988 net / person, Gold VIP bit: RMB 2688 net / person 2.Le Pre Lenotre method Restaurant: 18:00 the night of December 24, RMB 1988 +15% / 2 When you enjoy five delicious French cuisine and champagne while in Paris the flowers, you can enjoy the elegant performances and lucky draw. 3.VIC international gourmet dinner: at 18:00 on December 24th RMB 428 net / person, children RMB 228 net / person, live performances, enticing gift, as well as lucky draw, Sofitel prepared for everyone special gift. More activities Tel :010 -85996666 ext 7106 Address: 93 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, C, Wanda Plaza

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