Renovated seven or eight years Super five-star Sea View Hotel Haikou or resume

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Sea View Hotel in Haikou Haikou City, prime location east of the coastal park. Approval of a 1992, 2003, key projects in Haikou City, or through the disposal of postponed projects, re-designed for super five-star Sea View Hotel in Haikou, and after the start of 2003 has not completed. Currently, a 23-story building this building has become the largest urban area of Haikou "on schedule." To reporters, the relevant departments and units related to the project, said most of the project stopped, "not clear", "uncertain"; construction unit called, "Building funds are not available, has been engaged in interior decoration"; supervision units and even the original Project Director asked "to tell you that I have any benefits?" User question: the uncompleted "water" in the end how deep? November 11, five in the South China Sea A network users, "users to write news" column published called "the uncompleted" water "in the end how deep? "The post to reflect the Coastal Park, located in Haikou City, 23 floor next to the uncompleted building - Sea View Hotel Haikou, Haikou City that it is the largest" on schedule. " In addition to delays in completion of the image of the sea, its walls has been occupied by the project part of the sidewalk, causing inconvenience to passers-by. For this project, "Why not build it? Why not build so many years, government departments, no matter", the users can not help asking: "The boss is not concerned with the government what" privacy "? The uncompleted is not water deep? " Construction units: "has been in the interior phase." "Haikou Harbour View Hotel" high 23 floors of the main building have been completed, the external walls have been put on a good glass tile installed, but the podium at the steel exposed. Close the entire site was surrounded by walls, glass fragments Ma Ma secretly arranged on top of the wall, rusty doors locked, the door at the piles of refuse, brush the wall read, "Tim Bund sea pearl, Coastal Road by brilliant," "long-term project, quality first" and other words, site has been overgrown with weeds. South China Sea Network reporter at the site found no signs of construction personnel and construction, two-story small building at the west side of the site, you can see through the iron gate closed "Shantou Jian (Industrial) Group Co., Ltd. Haikou Harbour View Hotel Project Department "and" key projects in Haikou City, "the two brands, which" key project of Haikou City "signs inscribed as the" Haikou Municipal People's Government in June 2003. " Side door in the small building next to the canteen operators aunt said that the project stopped for a long time, usually only a few security stationed. Hainan Provincial Administration of Construction Engineering Quality Supervision Division Two safety supervision of a staff member surnamed Li, said in an interview, Haikou Harbour View Hotel is not completed on schedule, the Bureau has not received any declaration of suspension of work construction unit, so were a number of investigations. Construction unit, the explanation given is "We do not place the funds, and no work stoppage has been in a phase of interior decoration." The original project director: "I tell you, I have what benefits?" Haikou City of Industry and Investment Promotion Bureau in May 21, 2007 release of "Haikou Harbour View Hotel" Investment Bulletin revealed that the project is in accordance with international five-star standard construction, with a super five-star standard business-type comprehensive hotel, the total investment 5.2 billion yuan. Interview, the reporter has contacted the construction unit - Seaview Hotel Co., Ltd. Haikou project manager, the construction unit - Shantou Jian Kong (Holdings) Limited Project Manager, and supervision units - Construction Supervision Company of Hainan in the double-snow the original project director on the phone. Construction has been no one answered the telephone unit, construction units for the busy telephone display, and supervision units of the original project director, said the project had been suspended back in 2006, so he no longer responsible for the project. As to why the suspension and the project has not been completed, he said funding problems may be, disclose the specific circumstances. Finally, the original project director asked the reporter: "Tell you what good I am?" Planning Department: It is said that entering the construction next week The understanding, "Haikou Harbour View Hotel" early in 1992 a six-story building, but has been suspended after the completion of pile foundation, has become a "uncompleted" works. Until 2002, began to dispose of the continued construction of the project, the original deadline for completion of the construction unit also promised. After several changes, the project is implemented by the first 6 layers, changed to 8-layer, 9 layer, and finally in 2005, adding 23 floors to the ground and 2 underground floors, the investment of over 520 million five-star standard business hotel type synthesis. The total investment exceeding 500 million yuan of five-star hotel project, why become the uncompleted? Online reporter visited the South China Sea, Haikou City planning, urban construction and other multi-sectoral, get the most are "not under our control," or "We do not know" response. Haikou City Planning Bureau staff told reporters that regardless of the planning department is only responsible for planning construction. "Haikou Harbour View Hotel" project specific circumstances downtime, not very clear, but is said to resume next week could approach the construction.

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