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The hotel is detailed data The member reserves a hotel, enjoy more privilegeRead the other client opinion to this hotel Hotel name: English name: Enjoyland Hotel Business affairs area: Fine promote urban hotel address: Road of pond of sea salt of area of Jia Xingna lake 139 (hotel postcode: 314000) indicates the gender is built
Build or landscape: Child city, south lake beauty spotElectronic map Airport bus schedule Practice decorates: Practice was decorated 2006 2005
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Book guest room why to choose a traveler to book a room center Room type reachs the priceThat day house price: Monetary Unit: RMB. Yuan / RMB(is other: Oh Bo?0 breakfast: 5 yuan) Recall general situation of hotel of Changjiang Delta holiday Recall hotel of Changjiang Delta holiday to repose at the Chinese Communist to be born one of ground Jia Xingna lakefront, it is the core a sector of an area of Jia Xingcheng city. With " natural air conditioning " south Shui Jingxiang accompanies the lake, "Natural oxygen " silvan park is adjacent in the center of the city, lean closely south entrance of meeting scene garden mixes the lake south lake citizen square, the parking lot with lake capacious crossing is you south offer convenient, and circumjacent road transportation is convenient, be apart from great theater, railway station a few minutes car Cheng, also need a few minutes only to the library, museum on foot. The hotel covers an area of one hectare, floor area 16000 square metre, interior decorates delicate, elegance, hotel service applies functional all ready. The room is capacious, decorate decorous warmth; All guest room all have interactive TV, high speed to get online phone of road of equipment, crewel, confuse you, develop cool room to wait independently. The hotel is offerred one-stop service, provide close care for all guests. The hotel sets Chinese meal office, 26 bags room has distinguishing feature each, the biggest bag house can join a 20 people, banqueting hall can hold 200 guests have dinner at the same time, offer the characteristic cate such as dish of this side dish, Su Hang dish, plain dish, another name for Guangdong Province. The hotel has additionally big in small muti_function assembly room, can recieve differ to 200 people from ten people the conference of the type, professional conference serves personnel to will take care of every detail of your conference, ensure whole meeting is fluent without block. It is place of your busy superexcellent static heart, recreational, travel.
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