Club of international of the lake austral Zhejiang (big public house)

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The hotel is detailed data The member reserves a hotel, enjoy more privilegeRead the other client opinion to this hotel Hotel name: English name: Zhejiang South Lake 1921 Club Hotel Business affairs area: Fine promote urban hotel address: Road of lake of Yuan of area of Jia Xingna lake (hotel postcode: 314000) indicates the gender is built
Build or landscape: South lake beauty spotElectronic map Airport bus schedule Practice decorates: 2005 practice
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Working hours 08:00-22:00
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Book guest room why to choose a traveler to book a room center Room type reachs the priceThat day house price: Monetary Unit: RMB. Yuan / RMB(is other: Oh Bo?08 breakfast: 68 yuan) Club of international of the lake austral Zhejiang (big public house) general situation Club of international of the lake austral Zhejiang (big public house) those who repose at scenery beautiful ease south lake lakefront, the Changjiang Delta with its refined of primitive simplicity in the natural scene of the lake of Yuna of be in harmony of pattern of gardens of luxurious Chinese style of sex of contented of civilian house building, happy affection, make you relaxed and happy, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave! Hotel first phase has luxurious guest room, include south room of garden of Jing Haohua of flatlet of lake flatlet, double entry of garden Jing Haohua, lake and various the luxurious guest room that contains the balcony and Guan Jinglou table, the decorates decoration, romance antependium fabric of precise and penetrating, high archaize furniture, decorate a style classicly, and the room of close half can be admired south the scenery with attractive lake. The dining-room with 5 place disparate manner mixes the hotel bar, your taste mixes make much of be fond of; The luxurious assembly room of 5 elegant nobility, suit the 10 conferences to 50 people and banquet, the hotel still is deployed inside public division wireless get online, automatic mahjong room and edge lake canter track. The honoured guest of the Chinese style design with quaint charm, meticulous in a subtle way serves, let you how always enjoy exalted and comfortable sweet stay away from home.
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