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The hotel is detailed data The member reserves a hotel, enjoy more privilegeRead the other client opinion to this hotel Hotel name: English name: Mild Lough Hotel Business affairs area: Carry on promotes urban hotel address: Carry on promotes jump over the Dong Guanglu austral city of the city zone 125 (hotel postcode: 312000) indicates the gender is built
Build or landscape: Native place of check hill park, big Yu Ling, Lu Xun, Shen Yuan, east area of square of lake, celebrity, downtownElectronic map Airport bus schedule Practice decorates: 2005 practice
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Working hours 08:00-22:00
Be on duty phone: 13816076962

Book guest room why to choose a traveler to book a room center Room type reachs the priceThat day house price: Monetary Unit: RMB. Yuan / RMB(is other: Oh Bo?0 breakfast: 15 yuan) Carry on begins survey of sweet harbour big public house Sweet harbour big public house is located in carry on to promote the Dong Guanglu austral the city by the station austral 125 cars, in be troubled by, take static, decorate delicate elegance, belong to stylish the warmth with the home at an organic whole, let you savour infinite romance and tender feelings. From Hang Yong high speed carry on promotes highway of resurgence of the edge below exit to walk along 500 meters to left-hand rotation of the highway austral the city all the time again right-hand rotation arrives 200 meters namely, it is join hill of Yu Ling, growl, east of beauty spot of native place of lake, Lu Xun and downtown surely the road of classics. Hotel facilities is complete, the function is all ready. Decorate delicate elegance, style of each floor adornment is disparate, satisfy you the diverse demand to accommodation, hall of balcony of eat of more than 10 Chinese and Western, banquet can accommodate repast of 300 much people at the same time, hotel size assembly room 3, the form a complete set such as room of card of coffee corridor, chess serves, let you savour infinite romance and tender feelings.
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