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The hotel is detailed data The member reserves a hotel, enjoy more privilegeRead the other client opinion to this hotel Hotel name: English name: Xin Ni Hong Hotel Business affairs area: Address of public house of division of state of Ning Bo Yin: Road of north of day child of division of state of Ning Bo Yin 929 (hotel postcode: 315192) indicates the gender is built
Build or landscape: Electronic map Airport bus schedule Practice decorates: 2006 practice
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Working hours 08:00-22:00
Be on duty phone: 13816076962

Book guest room why to choose a traveler to book a room center Room type reachs the priceThat day house price: Monetary Unit: RMB. Yuan / RMB(is other: Oh Bo?00 breakfast: 15 yuan) General situation of new rainbow guesthouse Floor area of guesthouse of peaceful wave new rainbow 8000 more than square metre, raise high design, advance guard decorate, decorate fashionably, colour and lustre is bright-coloured and harmonious. Have a color disparate high level room, beautiful beautiful flatlet, exceed luxurious flatlet. The establishment such as equipment of fitness of electron of room of shower of online system of the liquid crystal TV that there is bedding of Chinese famous brand, ultrathin bounty inside guest room, free broadband, microcomputer, entrance. The sauna with corridor of quiet and tastefully laid out coffee, carefree appeal washs the dining room that the elegance of natural and graceful that offers 400 people repast still sets inside guesthouse, environment center of the chess card room of center of bath, hairdressing, comfortable contented and bazaar, business affairs, have deploy entrance acoustics, result to put, of measuring projector muti_function size assembly room, it is the client optimal choice of business affairs demand. Guesthouse safety establishment is all ready, have hundreds car, repose at area of center of Yin city business affairs, situation is advantageous, traffic is convenient, have 15 minutes of course of development only from the airport, be apart from center of the station austral railway station, car, passenger transport about 10 minutes course of development, enter the mouth to the freeway only 3 minutes of course of development. Guesthouse provides delicate and considerate service for the guest, welcome the presence of global honored guest wholeheartedly, the numerous star such as Fei Xiang of giant star of CCTV play staff, musical circle all has stayed this guesthouse.
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