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The hotel is detailed data The member reserves a hotel, enjoy more privilegeRead the other client opinion to this hotel Hotel name: English name: Smile And Nature Hotel Ningbo Business affairs area: Address of hotel of shopping centre of north of peaceful wave river: Beijing University of river of area of north of peaceful wave river 99 (hotel postcode: 315032) indicates the gender is built
Build or landscape: River boreal shopping centreElectronic map Airport bus schedule Practice decorates: 2006 practice
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Working hours 08:00-22:00
Be on duty phone: 13816076962

Book guest room why to choose a traveler to book a room center Room type reachs the priceThat day house price: Monetary Unit: RMB. Yuan / RMB(is other: Oh Bo?80 breakfast: 98 yuan) Far continent general situation of big public house Ning Bo is far continent big public house is located in development of estate of Jiang Beigao new technology, conference establishment is all ready, offer the food of diversity and recreational alternative for honoured guest, no matter business affairs business or sightseeing travel, be ideal likewise anthology. Grumous Ou Shi decorates emotional appeal and food of sterling Europe type gust, take you in classical Europe land amorous feelings; Traditional and authentic Western-style food dish, the Western-style food environment of elegant romance, provide distinctive international buffet, culture of food of characteristic of Chinese and Western perfect union, let you enjoy close service in strong Europe type sentiment. The hotel has luxurious banqueting hall and each type assembly room. For convenient guest room of almost all hall centers distributinging Yu Sanlou to reach 4 floors, provide advanced and perfect facility, can carry on the conference that various high level asks, banquet and social activity. To ensure mobile success is held, convenient guest, what the hotel offers major is one-stop the conference serves, by specialized service personnel provides comprehensive and considerate whole journey service first and last for each clients.
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